damion romero

"I know! I know!"

banned production (BP140) 2009

double business card cdr + cassette

Time-lapse recordings of an avocado tree:
6½ hours of low frequency recordings time shifted into two different versions.
The 46½ minute stereo version spans two business card CDRs and plays at approximately 8½ times normal speed.
The 93 minute mono cassette version contains the same material, but plays at 4¼ times normal speed.

Both versions have a different quality and reveal different aspects of the environment and surroundings of the avocado tree.
The sounds of rustling, creaking, wind, environmental noise, nearby motor vehicles, animals and aircraft all take on a different character as infrasound becomes audible and audible sounds rise into ultrasound. The familiar becomes alien and the imperceptible is brought into clearer view.